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Misting Fan Joape CCW HCW CCR2 HCR22 from$995

Product Condition: New

Sale Price: $995.00
Listing #: 1695

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Listing Description:
The Joape Commercial Misting Fans cool and moisturize your space to keep your customers and employees feeling refreshed. Unlike regular fans, a misting fan infuses air with a balmy and pleasant coolness. Depending on your needs, you may wish to use
a reservoir or wall-mounted misting fan. The reservoir model is standing with a 22-gallon tank while the wall-mountable version affixes to a wall (wall-mount bracket included). The standing model is portable and requires manual filling of the reservoir. The wall-mount model connects to a water line and can be installed in a window or other area where it will be able to cool optimally due to its high vantage point. Whether you want to cool a restaurant patio, fitness center, spa, or other venue, increase customer and employee comfort with the Joape’s Misting Fans. It will reduce outdoor
allergens such as pollen, odors, and dust while invigorating your space with a gentle, cool mist.
These fans break water down into such fine particles that the mist doesn’t pool or leave anyone feeling wet.
Patented Disk Technology - Joape’s unique technology allows for optimal cooling using disks. This means you don’t have to worry about clogged nozzles. 
Low Energy Usage - These fans use about the same amount of electricity as a light bulb. Run it for long periods without paying a large energy bill. Fresher Air—By infusing the air with mist, they reduce the stuffiness of the air for a more refreshing experience. 
#1-CCW - Joape Cyclone Misting Fan, wall mount (bracket included), connects to water line, 800 sq. ft. coverage, 1650 cfm air flow, 67 dB, 2.09 amp, 230 watt, 110v/60/1-ph $995 plus fright
#2-HCW - Joape Hurricane Misting Fan, wall mount (bracket included), connects to water line, 1500 sq. ft. coverage, 6000 cfm air flow, 74 dB, 4.18 amp, 460 watt, 110v/60/1-ph $1500 plus fright
#3-CCR2 Joape Cyclone Misting Fan, free standing, portable, (22) gallon manual fill water reservoir, 800 sq. ft. coverage, 1650 cfm air flow, 67 dB, 2.09 amp, 230 watt, 110v/60/1-ph $1795 plus fright
#4-Hcr22 - Hurricane with Resevoir 22 gal, Voltage:110 Noise Level: 74db, Electricity Consumption:460 w /4.18 Ah, Height:89" , Width: 34", Depth: 33", Weight:95 lbs. Air Flow:6000 cfm, Coverage:1500 sq. ft. $2235 plus fright 

Contact Information:

Company :
Name : Simcha Tamir
Address : 851 N.E. 182nd Terr
City :
State :
zip :
Phone : 305.491.1326
Cell : 305.491.1326
Fax : 786.999.0282
Email :
Website :
This listing was added to our website on Monday 25 August, 2014.

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